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Some of you might recognized this giant bulky book as the go-to resource for ordering take-out, but one day in the not so distant future, most people will have no idea what this huge book with yellow pages really is.  That’s why it’s important that as a new coach, you save your money and get your coaching business listed in all the more popular and FREE options available.

There are a bunch of different companies you can hire that will add your coaching business to a bunch of directories but they usually charge a few hundred dollars.  If you don’t mind spending a little time and saving a bunch of money, you can go through the easy to follow, step-by-step procedure I’ve created for getting your coaching business listed in all the major free directories.

Why is this important????

Because if people can’t find you, they can’t hire you.  Having your website and contact information listed as many places as you can will not only increase your exposure,but it will also help increase the page rankings of your coaching website.  These directories will let you add a link to your website and one of the factors that determines how well you rank in “the google” is the number of high-traffic sites your website is listed on.

So rather than make you dig through the internet and find all these sites like I did, I put all the links on one page on my website so new coaches can simply work their way down the list. It took me several hours to get listed in all these directories but if you follow the checklist it should take much less time for you.

FREE Step-by-step guide for adding your coaching business to the major directories:


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